Aerial Application Technology

Nebraska-Iowa Helicopter utilizes the very latest cutting edge technology in all of our aerial application operations in order to ensure the highest possible level of precision and quality service to our customers.

All of our aircraft are equipped with Precision DGPS Guidance Systems integrated with fully automated Flow Control Systems. Utilizing our DGPS Guidance Systems we are able to guide the aircraft thru the field with pinpoint accuracy, regardless of terrain, obstacles, or crop planting orientation. Variable rate controllers in conjunction with the aircraft GPS and prescription maps enables us to deliver the exact rate of chemical prescribed evenly across the entire target site. This capability saves both time and money by negating the need for several applications at different rates using old ground-adjusted methods. Chemical is mixed, agitated and dispensed at the job site, giving our customers an immediate treatment while the chemical is fresh. Every load prepared is hand-measured and can be changed or modified as prescribed, multiple times for one job.